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alt Words of wisdom from Mom, "Doing what's right is never wrong."

SPECIALS FOR MOM & U thru Mothers' Day

#1) FRIED CHICKEN BREAST OR "JUMBO" TENDERS with 2 Side Orders, Dessert & Tea or Soda 13.99

#2) Plate of 1/4 BBQ CHICKEN & SLICED BEEF with 2 Side Orders, Dessert & Tea or Soda 16.49 (OK to sub different meats on Spec. #2) 

REMEMBER TO PICK A DESSERT WITH YOUR SPECIAL... add ice cream +1.00  **  At the Heights +1.00 for Swiss Chalet Cake, and oh so good!

GRADUATION & END OF THE SCHOOL PARTY?  It's easy at your place or ours. 

Click on "Catering" or "Private Dining" at  Then give us a call.

GIFT CARDS;  $50 gets you $60  *  $100 gets you $125 Click on the FUN STUFF-VIDEOS Tab to watch how we prepare your favorites. Lots of short clips!

altHappy Mother's Day from your Hickory Hollow Team