Fallbrook-northwest & west Hou. 281.469.5323 / Heights-central, med center, galleria, east 713.869.6300


NEW GOODIES to enjoy!

At Fallbrook: "The Tex-Mac - Gut Buster."  Delicious Mac 'N Cheese, Chopped BBQ Beef & Sausage all piled high on the plate. Guaranteed to knock you out! You've gotta experience this baby for only 8.99 

At the Heights: "Chicken Fried Pork Steak" w/ 2 side orders, only 10.49. Some say it's even better than our famous chicken fried steak!

Save $$ with Gift Cards: $50 gets you $60 and $100 gets you $125

HEALTH DEPT. FOOD SAFETY TIPS: 1. Keep it cold: Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Beer, Tea & Soda  2. Wash with soap & water: hands, cutting boards, knives between fixin' different types of foods. 3. "Just wiping them off with a towel doesn't cut it!" Be cool & safe!

"My dog gave birth to puppies near the road and I got a ticket for littering."  No joke-fake news!

Thanks for 41 yrs. at Fallbrook, 31 at the Heights. We can't do it w/out U