Our Heights restaurant has two semi-private "party" spaces.  One is indoors, the other is our outdoor "Party Pavilion."  

The "Party Pavilion" seats about 36 guests.  It can accommodate more people depending on the occasion and is available for lunch and dinner throughout the week.  As you can see in the photo it's a fun setting for a "Texas Style" rehearsal dinner and for most casual events. (Photo below)  

The indoor room seats up to about 40 guests. It can accommodate more people depending on the occasion. Availability is: Monday and Tuesday for lunch, Saturday afternoons up to 4:30 and Sundays after 3:30 PM. (2nd Photo below)  

"When you want something good" give us a call.  We'll discuss availability and help you plan a menu and service option that will "WOW" you and your guests, guaranteed.  As my grandma always told me, "Planning ahead is a good idea and less stressful for all."  

Heights location private dining