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Custom Cooking

Hassle Free & Delicious

"We'll cook your goose", and smoke your briskets, ribs, sausage, chickens and turkeys too. Bring them in completely thawed at least 4 days in advance of when you want to pick them up. Timing may vary depending on availability of pit space.

Custom Cooking Services and Products:

bullet Turkeys that are up to 12 pounds can be fried (bring us your favorite spice injection kit)

bullet Your meat will be ...

  • Cold when you pickup so please consider the time for reheating when scheduling your pickup time.
  • Whole/Unsliced
  • We have bbq sauce available for purchase
  • Do you want relishes (pickles, onions, jalapenos)?

Call us to discuss your options, pricing and to reserve your "pit time."


Fund Raising

Does your organization need to raise money?

With years of experience our fundraisers practically sell themselves. Our products not only provide a tremendous value now, but the satisfaction generated will make selling next time even easier. Choose one or more of the following money creating options.

1Spirit nights are easy and a "no need to sell anything plan" for gathering much needed financial assistance for your cause. Simply spread the word within your organization to dine at Hickory Hollow. We will contribute a percentage of those sales back to you. Come once a week or once a month, you decide.

2Brisket sales provide an easy and delicious way for folks to serve superior quality USDA Choice Custom Smoked Briskets, perfect for "WOWing" out of town guests, party guests and the family. Your organization pre-sells the briskets and we purchase, smoke, and wrap them for you. Simple as that!

3Fundraiser BBQ meal. Your organization sells the tickets and we show up with everything you need. This works great either as a stand-alone event or when it's included in the price of admission to another event such as a concert or a show. Either way it will be a smashing success!

4Gift Card sales. Your organization sells Hickory Hollow Gift Cards and keeps 20% of the total proceeds! Giving Hickory Hollow Gift Cards to your volunteers is also a tasty way to say "Thanks for your help!"

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information and to sign up.



Fallbrook Dr.

"Northwest Houston" by the Sam Houston Horse Race Track

8038 Fallbrook Dr.
Houston, TX 77064
Sunday - Thursday 11 - 8
Fri & Sat 11 - 9


Dietary Information

We've made sure you can eat right and have plenty of tasty & healthy food choices such as... 
Lean sliced BBQ Brisket
Grilled Chicken breast
Smoked BBQ Chicken
Smoked Turkey breast (on Tuesdays)
Grilled Fish
Brisket or Grilled chicken or Turkey in a Chef Salad
Baked Potato stuffed with pico de gallo or picante sauce
Baked Potato stuffed with Brisket or Grilled Chicken or Turkey
Salad Bar with low calorie - low fat Italian dressing or oil & red wine vinegar  
Grilled fresh Zucchini
Pinto Beans
Homemade Mashed Potatoes
Southern Green Beans
Kernel Corn

Nutrition values are based on USDA Nutrient Database SR18

Other items on our menu and seasonal menu can be adapted to meet the Healthy Catering Criteria.
Please contact us to discuss additional menu options

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Become a Hickory Hollow favorite guest. You'll get rewarded for every time you visit us! With special saving opportunities, no-strings-attached freebies, announcements, and more. It's called the Hickory Hollow rewards program. It's really simple. Just sign up and you'll become a favorite guest and you'll be rewarded for it!

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