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Art on View

We support our local artists by providing a canvas to display their art for all to view. Our wall of art changes periodically, so stop by often to view the galleries.

Heights: The paint and wood carving art of Ron Collins
Art by Ron Collins

"I asked myself, how can I help children see that they can make a difference? I came up with the Heart of Compassion. I carved a small wooden heart and painted on it a little drop of red paint to symbolize a drop of blood. Thus was born the Heart of Compassion. When the kids in my neighborhood saw me wearing it, the next thing I knew they all wanted one!

Before I give them one, I make them promise not to join gangs, litter, or bully, to work hard in school and not to hate or use the word hate. A teaching tool was born!"
- Ron Collins, artist

Heart of Compassion



Fallbrook: Mark Goodwin's pen & ink drawings of images and characters from the old west
Art by Mark Goodwin

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